Pine tar – Nature’s own paint

All our cans now contain ready-to-use paint

Pine tar paints from Auson previously needed dilution before painting. That’s a bygone. All our cans now contain ready-to-use paint. You’re good to go.

When you buy a can of pine tar paint from Auson, you need to check the label to make sure you have bought a can of our new, ready-to-use paint. There could be older cans left on the store shelf which is not diluted.

The new, ready-to-use pine tar paint contains a basic dilution. It’s a perfect fit for untreated wood. When painting on planed wood, you need to dilute by another 10–20% turpentine.

“Pine tar… but surely that’s only used on boats “?

That was Darius Banevicius’ first reaction when he and his father Steponas were tasked to paint a modern house with black pine tar, over the top of the existing distemper paint. Now, they have already finished painting their second house with pine tar and will happily talk about how neat it looks.

Here are 5 quick tips!
  1. Remove loose distemper paint using a wire brush.
  2. Paint at a temperature of at least 10°C to ensure that the tar products quickly permeate the wood.
  3. Paint using a wide brush (e.g. 70–100 mm).
  4. For planed wood and for harder types of wood, we recommend you to dilute with 10–20% turpentine. Pine tar paint must always be thin enough to be applied with a brush in thin layers.
  5. Paint the entire façade in one go to ensure a uniform colour.


You would be hard pushed to find a better location. Sun all day long and an unbeatable view out over the ocean. There is really only one drawback with this scene – the black paint of the facade has suffered from the effects of the constant sunlight and sea winds. However, Malin and Linus’s dream house in Vallda Sandö has now been given a new “winter coat” called Black Pine Tar.

– How long will the colour last?

We recommend that you repaint after 5–10 years. This time span depends on numerous factors including the climate, the wood quality and where you live. If there is algae or mildew on the wood, it is important that you remove this, since merely brushing off dirt and dust is not sufficient.

Read the Pine Tar brochure!

Browse the Pine Tar brochure and find inspiration to your project. It is available to read both online and as a download to your computer. Read it whenever you like, wherever you like.

Proud material partner!

Auson is a proud material partner of the Swedish Ship Götheborg – Expedition 2020. The ship has 25 tonnes of handmade cordage, now treated with our finest pine tar – Dalbränd Pine Tar.

Bon voyage!

A thousand-year-old love story originating in the forest

From Viking longboats to modern houses and outdoor furniture. Pine tar is like jeans – a durable classic that never goes out of fashion. The Vikings were among the first to discover the fantastic properties of pine tar, which they used to protect their ships and building façades from rot. With Tjärlek by Auson, we have combined the impregnating properties of pine tar with modern, natural colours. The result is a paint that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. It is also a tribute to our forest.

It is difficult to find a more natural product than pine tar. It is quite literally a product of the forest. It is obtained from the dry distillation of resinous wood and, in the case of pine tar, pine wood. We use gum turpentine, which is also extracted from trees, as a solvent. The result is a paint that protects and strengthens the wood as well as giving it a beautiful, natural colour.

Which pine tar is your favourite?


Red Pine Tar

Auson Red Tar is based on its ancestor, Genuine Pine Tar and Iron Oxide. This gives the façade wall the traditional red colour that has been popular in Sweden since time immemorial.


Black Pine TAR

Auson Black Tar is a genuine pine tar reinforced with black pigment, which ensures a lovely matt colour in addition to protection from rot, mildew and drying-out. The colour is perfect for modern wooden houses.


Pine Tar Vitriol

Auson Tar Vitriol is a thin tar glaze that gives a stylish, modern grey colour. The colour will look brownish at first since to start the pine tar sits on the surface along with the pigment.


Brown Pine Tar

Auson Brown Tar is a classic pine tar. The brown colour has its origins in the national romantic period of the last century. Just over 100 years later, brown wooden façades are popular again.

Green Pine Tar

Auson Green Pine Tar is a genuine pine tar reinforced with green pigment, which ensures a lovely matt colour in addition to protection from rot, mildew and drying-out.

Black-Brown Pine Tar

Auson Black-Brown Pine Tar is a black tar with a touch of brown. Black-Brown Tar produces a black colour that is slightly softer than Auson Black Tar. We call Black-Brown Tar the Architect’s Choice.

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