Black tarred log house near Anten

Eight years ago, the house had no electricity, kitchen or toilet. Today Kjell Persson’s old log house from 1928 has been given a proper facelift both on the inside and outside. Last summer he painted over the dark brown facade with Black Pine Tar.

“I had previously used Dale Burned Pine Tar from another supplier, but I found that the colour disappeared so quickly. When I discovered Black Pine Tar by accident, I was instantly curious. I now look forward to not having to paint every summer plus the colour was terrific,” says Kjell Persson.

Many great comments
The charming and unique log house is situated on a hill approximately 15 kilometres outside Alingsås. The plot spans a total of 5,000 m² with enchanting views over lake Anten. The house was greatly in need of renovation when Kjell bought it.

“It has now been completely renovated, but I have focused greatly on retaining the previous charm and style of the house. I have had many comments on how nice the house has become – both about the renovation and the facade recently painted with black tar. The house has been given a real boost!

Held the brush himself
Kjell has spent an immense number of hours on the renovation and it was also he who was holding the brush last summer. The actual painting took three whole days.

“Next year it will be enough to paint over a red distemper painted outhouse and a woodshed with Red Pine Tar. I was really happy when I found out that you could paint over distemper. Simple, elegant and sustainable are my best arguments why you should choose pine tar for your house,” says Kjell.



Some tips from Kjell

Painting with Black Pine Tar

1. Be careful with the preparatory work – brush the house before painting.
2. Cover what you do not want to paint
3. Pick a sunny day! The best results are achieved when the wood is heated by the sun, it is also more pleasant to paint when the weather is nice.


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