Bolmsö cabin painted with red pine tar

It doesn’t get more summery than this. Roger Bolin and his family spend most of their summer days in their newly built cabin located right by the beach Bolmen on Bolmsö island, Småland. And during winter time they put on their skates and use the frozen lake for ice skating. The red pine tar paint on their cabin was the perfect fit for the surroundings.

The cabin project started in 2015 and was then painted with regular, clay-based red paint.
– We discovered the red pine tar at an exhibition and learnt that it was perfect for our rather exposed cabin by the lakeside, says Roger. In the summer of 2016 Roger painted over with the tar paint.
– It took about a day and the result was beautiful with great coverage, the deep red shade and the delightful smell of tar, Roger Bolin says.

The 28 square meters worth of cabin is fully equipped with a toilet, shower, kitchen and four beds on the loft. The land itself has been in the family for four generations.

To complete the look they also painted their deck with light pine tar oil to protect it from the wet and harsh environment. This also turned out great

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