Functionalist house by the sea with the ‘right’ colour

They found Tar vitriol by chance on the internet. Now, the owner of the home Niklas Jacobsson and his family enjoy the fine grey façade of their architect-designed house in Näset. And the response from friends, neighbours and passers-by is uniformly positive.

“We discovered tar vitriol quite by accident when we were googling for a product similar to iron vitriol, but which provided better protection for the wood. We have received lots of feedback and an extremely positive response from friends, neighbours and passers-by – when it comes to both the appearance and the amazing tar smell,” says Niklas Jacobsson.

Façade a critical part of the house’s character
The house, built in 2016, is close to both the nature and the sea. Niklas and Ulrika decided to hire the architect Christer Wennerholm when they realised that an ‘off the shelf’ building would not live up to their requirements. The fact that the plot is located in on a south-west facing slope and was quite demanding to work on also contributed to the decision.

“The façade itself was important for us because it stands for a large part of the building’s character. During the construction process, we decided early on that we wanted to have the standing panels typical of functionalist buildings. But after that we spent many hours and long walks trying to find houses with the ‘right’ colour. We are very pleased that we found Pine vitriol.”

“Fantastic that we didn’t have to prime”
Niklas and Ulrika painted each plank by hand before they were nailed in place. The first coat accounted for about 90 litres of Pine vitriol.

“The look was number one for us, with the nice grey colour. But it was fantastic that we didn’t have to prime, and a definite plus to work with a natural product.”


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