Nature’s own paint in Denmark

In the Danish village of Skaerbaek is the Wallin family´s house. They are closed to both forest and sea, across the road there is a horse pasture and a gravel road that runs through the older parts of the village. The old beech forest on the outskirts of Skaerbaek offers beautiful forest walks.

Ida Wallin tells:

– The village we live in lies next to the water with both fishing and sailing boats, so the idea of using a tar product to protect the wood while providing a nice patina felt quite natural. Over time, the choice of Vitriol Pine Tar became the only thing that felt quite right when choosing the facade treatment.

The first painting was done for four days by three people before the facade was nailed up, the following year we painted again for two days. While it was being painted, it smelled like an old fine fishing boat, but this subsided already after a few weeks.

The family has received many positive comments about the design and color of the house.

– The slow graying wood has become very beautiful and gives a nice toned style to the house. We wanted to create a stylish, yet cozy and inviting home. The house, which is built in view of the plot’s design, also has balconies treated with Pine Tar Oil.

The Vitriol Pine Tar is easy to paint and it absorbs quickly, it is exciting to follow the change of color over time. The wood retains its distinct veins and receives a gray fine patina during the first year.

We at Auson congratulate to a fantastic nice house all treated with nature’s own paint!

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