Red painted cabin in Västerbotten

The old log cabin from the 1880s is surrounded by forest in the little village Daglösten between Bureå and Lövånger in Västerbotten. From the beginning the cabin was a small home with some animals, potato field, corn field and associated forrest – and now it is a cottage to long for!

The last time the cabin was painted was in 2011 with distemper paint, when it was now time to paint again in 2019 the choice fell on Red Pine Tar to better cope with the harsch and snowy winters in Västerbotten.

– We painted during June and July, says Anna Rosenkvist and Christer Ågärd, the weather was mostly sunny and dry. The wall was brushed with a steel brush, we cleaned away some old moss between the timber and filled the cavities with tarred linen. The walls on the south sides drew a lot of paint and we had to paint these three laps. The color flow on the south sides was large 1.2-1.3 m2/ liter. The end wood on the knots was very porous and almost open, so even here a lot of color went.

Anna and Christer tells us that mosquitoes and other insects stayed away while they painted with Red Pine Tar, which is a big plus for everyone i Norrland! 

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