In the country but close to town 
there’s red paint and then there’s red paint

The Jewert family live in the countryside yet not too far from civilisation and transport links. The village of Vallda is located close to the sea and the area has been recognised for its cultural heritage, which means extra requirements when it comes to the paint used. The architect-designed loose-timber house is a modern take on a Hallandslänga – a house typical of the county of Halland, making red paint the natural choice for better or worse, as the most common red paint is a distemper paint that cannot withstand the elements and wind particularly well. Anna Jewert explains:

“We live five minutes from the town of Kungsbacka, and the sea isn’t far away either. This means that the west side of the house is particularly exposed, and we’ve had to paint it every three years since we moved here in 2004. We were getting fed up of it and so started looking for another solution. And we found one not too far away – in Kungsbacka! We were delighted to stumble across Auson Red Pine Tar. After all, red pine tar is a more traditional paint, and best of all, we could use it to paint over distemper paint. We’ve just finished painting the house with red pine tar and we couldn’t be happier! Most importantly, it really does look good, not to mention the wonderful smell of pine tar. And we’re looking forward to not having to keep repainting. After all, red pine tar is much more resistant.”

Here at Auson we can’t help but agree. The Jewert family’s home in Vallda is undeniably beautiful, combining both the modern and the traditional. Just like our red pine tar.

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