Scenic at Kinnekulle

The house is beautifully located on Kinnekulle outside Götene, in an area that is both a nature, biosphere and a cultural reserve. Outside the house, the bicycle track Kinnekulleleden passes, which winds up on the mountain through nature pastures along with large goods and associated workers’ homes.

– The choice fell on the Vitriol Pine Tar, partly because the relatively long maintenance intervals, the natural components, and the fantastic architectural expression that gives both a modern and traditional impression that fits well in to the environment we built our house. We wanted a house that connected and blended into the surroundings, says the Sånnek family.

We painted the house ourselves twice before moving in, as the house is relatively large we spent quite a lot of time on painting, about a work week for two people.

Anna-Karin and Richard also say that they have received incredibly positive comments about the house they designed themselves. Many people are curious about the color they used and think it looks nice.

– We are most satisfied with the relatively easy painting, as well as the end result, both before the color has turned gray and now after a year when it has aged slightly.

Three arguments they gives to others who are thinking of painting with Vitriol Pine Tar are that it is easy to handle, gives a nice final result and a good and natural wood protection.

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