Black-Brown Pine Tar
March 11, 2019 kodamera

Auson Black-Brown Pine Tar

Auson Black-Brown Pine Tar is a black tar with a touch of brown. Black-Brown Tar produces a black colour that is slightly softer than Auson Black Tar. We call Black-Brown Tar the Architect’s Choice. It provides the same protection against decay, mould, and desiccation as all our other tar paints. The softer black colour matches well with modern wooden houses, as well as fences and boathouses. Dilute with 20% gum turpentine for unplaned wood and 30-40% for planed wood. If you have previously used distemper paint, you can


5-8 m² / liter


60504401 / 0,9-L
60504473 / 2,7-L
60504556 / 9-L

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide


A red log cabin in Roslagen

“Tar has been my favourite smell since childhood”. This comes from Göte Jönsson, who lives with his wife, Ingela, in a log cabin he designed himself in Roslagen.

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From school to red-tarred B&B

Between 1904 and 1955, it was a school. Today, “Villa Paris” is both a small horse farm and a B&B, located in the heart of Sörmland.

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Solbostugan cabins

Solbostugan cabins are made by Lillkåge Trä in Kåge outside of Skellefteå. The cabins can be supplied ready-painted with one of Auson’s pine tars.

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