Black Pine Tar
January 13, 2017 kodamera

Auson Black Pine Tar

Auson Black Pine Tar is a genuine pine tar reinforced with black pigment, which ensures a lovely matt colour in addition to protection from rot, mildew and drying-out. The classic black colour is perfect for modern wooden houses, fences or boathouses. Dilute with at least 20% gum turpentine.


5-8 m² / liter


60500401 / 0,9-L
60500473 / 2,7-L
60500556 / 9-L

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide  


“The house has got a winter coat”

You would be hard pushed to find a better location. Sun all day long and an unbeatable view out over the ocean. There is really only one drawback with this scene – the black paint of the facade has suffered from the effects of the constant sunlight and sea winds.

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Black Pine Tar for a modern distemper painted house

Easy to use, durable and aesthetically pleasing. These are Lars-Einar Bresäter’s three most important reasons for painting with Black Pine Tar.

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Black tarred log house near Anten

Eight years ago, the house had no electricity, kitchen or toilet. Today Kjell Persson’s old log house from 1928 has been given a proper facelift both on the inside and outside.

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When it was time to build a new garage, the owners also chose to build an upper storey with a library/study. The façade is treated with Auson Black Pine Tar.

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Apartment building in beautiful Vemdalen

Vemdalen is located in the middle of the Härjedalen forest. A true gem for nature lovers, hikers, fishermen, runners and – not least – skiers. 550 people live here all year round

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