Light Pine Tar Oil
January 13, 2017 kodamera

Auson Light Pine Tar Oil

Auson Light Pine Tar Oil is based on our Genuine Pine Tar and gum turpentine, which is also derived from wood and a totally natural product. If you have grown tired of discoloured wooden decks, this is the oil for you. Wood treated with light pine tar oil has a dark brown colour which grows lighter and gradually gives a more greyish finish.

With Auson Light Pine Tar Oil, you achieve long lasting protection and a stylish grey surface with a clear wood pattern. Your deck stays looking fresh for many years, and treating it every two or three years is enough. The oil is also excellent for fences, garden furniture and pallet collars.


6-10 m² / liter


60700401 / 1-L
60700472 / 3-L
60700556 / 10-L

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide