Pine Tar Vitriol
January 13, 2017 kodamera

Auson Pine Tar vitriol

Auson Pine Tar Vitriol is a thin tar glaze that gives a stylish, modern grey colour. The colour will look brownish at first since to start the pine tar sits on the surface along with the pigment. But even on the first application, it penetrates the wood to protect it from moisture, while the grey pigment remains on the surface.

The end result is a stylish grey colour that blends in with nature and looks after the wood. The Pine tar vitriol contains gum turpentine. You can use the Pine tar vitriol on wood that has previously been treated with iron vitriol. 


6-10 m² / liter


60590401 / 1-L
60590473 / 3-L 
60590556 / 10-L 

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide


Nature’s own paint in Denmark

In the Danish village of Skaerbaek is the Wallin family´s house. They are closed to both forest and sea, across the road there is a horse pasture and a gravel road that runs through the older parts of the village.

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Nursery school in Tranås

Skogsgläntan [forest glade] is a newly constructed nursery school in Tranås. As the name suggests, the nursery school is situated near the forest and the vision was to build it in harmony with the surroundings with materials that are as natural as possible.

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Functionalist house by the sea with the ‘right’ colour

They found Tar vitriol by chance on the internet. Now, the owner of the home Niklas Jacobsson and his family enjoy the fine grey façade of their architect-designed house in Näset.

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Archipelago house in the heart of nature

Having a house that blends into the environment is very important to Christina and Peter, who built a log house in the Stockholm archipelago.

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A house in a forest by a lake

In Riddarebo, just west of Borås, there is a house in a forest by a lake. The owners wanted a small, open-plan house, finally opting for a prefabricated house from A-hus.

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Scenic at Kinnekulle

The house is beautifully located on Kinnekulle outside Götene, in an area that is both a nature, biosphere and a cultural reserve.

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Pine Tar Vitriol Linked Houses Nyköping

In Norra Arnö, a Nyköping neighbourhood undergoing rapid development, developer Maison Forte has recently completed seventeen very special linked houses, all painted with Auson Pine Tar Vitriol.

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Modern log house near Uddevalla bridge

The house has sweeping views over Byfjorden with a plot that extends all the way down to the beach. Uddevalla bridge is located just behind.

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The natural west-coast house

Is there a natural paint that can protect the façade? This is what the Roosbergs, who live in a modern west-coast house in Lerkil, asked themselves.

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Maja’s mountain cabin

This cosy log cabin is located in Kittelfjäll, which is a unique location in the Västerbotten mountains. Beautiful views, peace and quiet, and a real mountain environment.

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Pine tar Vitriol in Sälen mountains

Sälen is one of our most popular ski resorts. Here you can enjoy ice fishing, dog sledding and scooter safaris.

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The winner of this year’s Tjärlek competition

The winner of the 2018 Auson Tjärlek competition has been revealed. The award goes to the family of Ida Anastasio and their house in Borlänge.

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A grey mountain cabin that brings back memories

Lisa Lind has a charming log cabin in the middle of Kittelfjäll ski resort in Västerbotten that she built herself based on her father’s sketches.

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The house in the buttercup field

Olivia and Tobias Gustafsson live in a newly built Rörvikshus house outside Jönköping. The house is near the forest in an old buttercup field. It almost sounds like a dream.

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