Dalbränd Pine Tar

Auson Kiln Burned Wood Tar is a fine golden-brown wood tar that takes on a glaze-like quality with time. It is used primarily to meet the high demands placed on treatment of building exteriors, shingled roofs and boats, as well as veterinary use such as in the care of hooves, both for horses and other animals. We recommend diluting the tar with gum turpentine for faster penetration and reduced stickiness. An old formula for wood treatment is equal parts Kiln Burned Pine Tar, turpentine and boiled or raw linseed oil.

Coverage: 2–4 m2/litre depending on the surface.


60200401 / 1-L Tin
60200473 / 3-L Tin
60200556 / 10-L Tin
60200743 / 200 kg Drum

Painting guide

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