Auson Green Pine Tar

Auson Green Tar produces a lovely matte colour and provides protection from rot, mould and drying out. The classic green hue is perfectly suited to both houses and fences. You can use Green Tar on untreated wood or on wood that has previously been treated with tar, distemper paint or iron vitriol. If you paint on planed wood, you need to dilute with 10–20% turpentine or denatured alcohol. On non-planed wood, no preparations are needed.

Always stir well before painting, since the colour pigment gathers near the bottom during storage. Stir regularly while painting, too. Otherwise the colour pigment will gather at the bottom and you will end up with an uneven olour on your facade.


5-8 m² / liter


60550531 / 100 ml sample

60552401 / 0,9-L
60552473 / 2,7-L
60552556 / 9-L

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide