Red Pine Tar
January 13, 2017 kodamera

Auson Red Pine Tar

Auson Red Pine Tar is based on its ancestor, Genuine Pine Tar and Iron Oxide. This gives the façade wall the traditional red colour that has been popular in Sweden since time immemorial. It also provides the best protection from the wind and weather. The Red Pine Tar is perfect for both classic summer cottages with white house corners and wooden houses with modern architecture and colour schemes.Dilute with at least 20% gum turpentine.

Top score in Folksam’s paint review

Pine tar is a totally natural product that protects your house from mildew and rot fungi, and prevents moisture from penetrating the wood. This led to our Red Pine Tar being one of the outdoor paints that did best in Folksam’s Paint Review.


5-8 m² / liter


60510401 / 0,9-L
60510473 / 2,7-L
60510556 / 9-L

Painting guide

Check out our painting guide below or download it here: Painting guide


Red painted cabin in Västerbotten

The old log cabin from the 1880s is surrounded by forest in the little village Daglösten between Bureå and Lövånger in Västerbotten.

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The Love Tar Winners Who Fell for Red Pine Tar

The 2017 winners of the Love Tar competition fell head over heels for Red Pine Tar. Ann-Helén and Robert Marklund’s winning red house stands atop a hill overlooking a lake in the small town of Norra Bergfors, outside Skellefteå.

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A red log cabin in Roslagen

“Tar has been my favourite smell since childhood”. This comes from Göte Jönsson, who lives with his wife, Ingela, in a log cabin he designed himself in Roslagen.

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Red paint the Jewert family

The Jewert family live in the countryside yet not too far from civilisation and transport links.

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Red-Tarred Mountain Cabin at the Top of Sälen

At the very top of Sälfjällstangen is a charming red cabin overlooking Sälen’s Högfjällshotell and the majestic slopes.

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From school to red-tarred B&B

Between 1904 and 1955, it was a school. Today, “Villa Paris” is both a small horse farm and a B&B, located in the heart of Sörmland.

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Bolmsö cabin painted with red pine tar

It doesn’t get more summery than this. Roger Bolin and his family spend most of their summer days in their newly built cabin located right by the beach Bolmen on Bolmsö island, Småland.

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Chalmers’ Student Union’s Red-Tarred Country House

Not all student unions can claim to have a “house in the country”. But in Härryda, just outside Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology has received a newly designed, red-tarred student centre with a sea view surrounded by beautiful pine trees.

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Solbostugan cabins

Solbostugan cabins are made by Lillkåge Trä in Kåge outside of Skellefteå. The cabins can be supplied ready-painted with one of Auson’s pine tars.

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