A red log cabin in Roslagen

“Tar has been my favourite smell since childhood”. This comes from Göte Jönsson, who lives with his wife, Ingela, in a log cabin he designed himself in Roslagen. They found Red Pine Tar by chance when they were browsing Lantliv magazine, and made up their minds at once.

The house is surrounded by meadows, forest and – not least – red cottages. Here in Roslagen, houses have to be red and blend in with the Swedish countryside. But Göte and Ingela are really pleased that they were able to avoid painting with limewash and instead use a totally natural product that gives a durable result. Neighbours and other visitors are also vocal about the result. The lovely tar smell is the cherry on the cake.

Are you interested in what it is like to build a log cabin? Read more at Läs mer på Forsgrens timmerhus

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