The Love Tar Winners Who Fell for Red Pine Tar

The 2017 winners of the Love Tar competition fell head over heels for Red Pine Tar. Ann-Helén and Robert Marklund’s winning red house stands atop a hill overlooking a lake in the small town of Norra Bergfors, outside Skellefteå. They say that the reason the house blends in so well with the beautiful surroundings is all thanks to Red Pine Tar.

“We fell head over heels for Red Pine Tar! We wanted to give the exterior a natural colour with the right lustre. Distemper paint wouldn’t work as it does not adhere to the smooth planed timber. The red hue was also perfect for our house,” says Ann-Helén, who took part in the competition under her Instagram account, @countrylifesweden.

Dream house close to family
The little village of Norra Bergfors only has about 15 year-round households – and everybody knows everybody. Ann-Helén and her family live about 30 metres from two of her sisters. Their dream house was completed in 2016, and the family will now acquaint themselves with the house a little longer before they start planting in the garden.

“So far, we’re most pleased that the house is very functional and that the location has turned out much better than we thought when we purchased the plot of land. We had to clear some of the forest which was blocking the wonderful view, and it was hard to imagine what it would look like once the house was there. Aesthetically speaking, it feels as if the house blends well into the surroundings – and we have Red Pine Tar to thank for that.”

“Vibrant nuances and a luscious smell”
Ann-Helén and Robert discovered Red Pine Tar after a little online research and a few calls to different paint stores. Robert did the painting and it took him about a week.

“The fact that the paint covers the surface so well after just the first coat is a huge selling point for others who want to paint with Red Pine Tar. The paint also has a beautiful colour with vibrant nuances and a luscious smell,” says Ann-Helén, who is looking forward to enjoying her weekend away at Nynäs Havsbad Hotel, which was the grand prize of the Love Tar competition.

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