The green pearl in the garden

The area in Lerum where the family lives is rural, and it is close to both forest and lakes. The plots are large with houses from different decades and lush mature gardens.

Camilla and Mattias designed and built the tool shed itself, which is 15 square meters in size. They wanted to make the shed completely monochrome, ie. That all details would be green, everything from windows, roof and metal details.

At first, we had intended to use u distemper paint, they say, but after some research and tips from a friend who is an architect, we thought pine tar was a better solution. We also love the scent that is reminiscent of boat yards and crafts.

They also say that they wanted to find an environmentally friendly colour and came to the conclusion that the green pine tar was both that and beautiful in its colour.

They have received a lot of praise and questions about what colour it is, many neighbours came by and enjoyed the scent as they painted. The family is most happy with the unique and nice shed with a lot of storage, but which still becomes a visual addition to the garden!

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